I write because I like the feel of pen gliding, of pencil scratching on paper.

I write because writing gives me a reason, an excuse really to learn about everything from titanium welding and plankton blooms, to okra, Siberian elms. I write because it means I get to read a lot and talk about books and writing.

I write because it keeps me from being angry at the world all the time. I write because with my words I can make rememories of my mother, I can make her life come to life more than her death.  I write because I can make rememories of my father, characterizing him into a person I am no longer angry about but feel compassion towards.

I write because maybe if I write words like “cancer,” “alcoholism,” “death,” “grief,” and “depression” enough times they will lose their impact. I write because I can’t process my emotions without a pen and paper. I write so I can make sense of crazy things that happen in this world, the good the bad, the everything in between and I write because I hope I am not alone.

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BIO:  Jennifer Simpson is a creative writer currently living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of New Mexico and has published 2 poems, 1 short story, and a handful of essays.  Learn more at JenniferSimpsonWriter.com. Oh and she is developing this project.