We write because we like the sound of pencil scratching on paper, the way the pen feels against paper, the look of newly formed letters, the taste and shape of words,  and the beauty of a line or phrase.

We write because we read (past tense), because we do read (present tense), because of that first chapter book and those trips to the small stone library, because we feel better when books are near.

We write because we want to honor living, to share it with others, to capture a moment, to concretize the elusiveness of experience, to leave something behind, to be the one that does the naming, thank you.

We write to make our people human, to feel kindly toward characters in a way we may not always feel toward flesh and blood human beings, we write to make rememories of our fathers, to characterize him into a person we can feel compassion towards.

We write to think, to play, to play with infinite possibility, to  make sense of things, because we don’t know what we’re thinking until we read it on the page and because writing about an experience transforms it and we write to free fleeting expressions of existence.

We write to survive, to stay sane, to face fear, because it feels like sexual frustration without writing, because if we didn’t write we’d be a mess.

We write to meet others who are like us, to belong to a community of writers, to write at a table with other writers, because when we write there is nowhere else we’d rather be.

We write because we write because we write.

BIO:  We are writers, we write books, we write columns, we write marketing materials, we publish in literary journals online and in print, we are working on screenplays, novels, memoirs, poems, and blog posts. We are Merimee Moffitt, Roxanne Lynn Doty, Jennifer Lynn Krohn, Georgia Santa Maria, Sarah Martinez, Jordanna East, Matthew Jake Skeets, Lisa Beliveau, and Priscilla Long.

The semi-regular Roundup is compiled by Jennifer Simpson, Editor of the I WRITE BECAUSE PROJECT, when the mood strikes.