I write because words are building blocks with which I construct the impossible, fortify the plausible, and erect bridges to connect them both.

I write because I yearn to be a creator of inspiration, a destroyer of despair, and  an observer of the human condition.

I write because I want the power to be understood, but more importantly, I need the humility to understand.

I write because I can open windows into my past that allow breezes of contemplation to drift into my present and rays of hope to illuminate my future.

I write because I am comforted by the finality of black and white and amazed by the beauty found in the endless possibilities of gray.

I write because in a World of Cannot, I can be the rogue Prophet of Can.

I write because…I must.

BIO:  Efrain Villa has recently returned to the US after travelling around the world for the greater part of three years, [pictured above with a “lil buddy in Cambodia]. He was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico and received a dual MBA from the Anderson Graduate Schools of Management at UNM. Prior to embarking on his journey through North and South America, as well as South and Southeast Asia, he held marketing and sales management positions in government and the healthcare industry. His hobbies include photography, playing guitar and piano (admittedly, not very well), engaging in any activity having to do with the great outdoors (i.e. snowboarding, mountain biking, fishing), and, of course, dabbling in writing, which he hopes to begin to take more seriously. Currently he is working on a project to launch www.aimlessvagabond.com, a site where travellers or potential travellers can learn about how to become a global vagabond and hopefully get some inspiration from the funny, sad, happy, and sometimes unbelievable travel anecdotes shared in short story form.