I write because …
I’ve been writing all my life.
like since I was 6 or so.
I’m 50 now.
I’ve written poetry, plays, prose, journals, narratives, monologues, rants
I am a performing literary, recording and teaching artist and I write because…
I want to share
I want to vent
I want to express myself fully
I write for performance, because I want to feel, see and hear the responses of those I share my innermost thoughts, feelings and life with
I write because I’m free
I write because it frees my mind
It frees my emotions
It lets them flow freely, uninhibited, unapologetically and uninterrupted
I write because it’s me
It’s in my nature to write
It’s in my heart to write
It’s in my soul to write
I write fire
I write compassion
I write sorrow
I write shame
I write triumph
I write love
I write joy
I write pain
I write to remember that I know how to turn my stumbling blocks into stepping stones and I write to see me
I write to congratulate me
I write to love me
Accept me
in all my glory
With all my warts
All of my faults
and all of my perfection
I write letters to God
… God writes back to me with insights and gifts

God writes through me
I am a vehicle and a channel
I write as a prayer
… and those prayers write me
I write my hopes and dreams
… and when I do
they become reality

BIO: Nana Agyeiwaah Anan (a-JAY-wa) is an Akan priest, a performing, literary, recording, teaching and design artist living and working in lovely Atlanta, GA. She holds a B.A. in PR/Mktg, a diploma in visual Communications and is a M.A. Organizational Leadership candidate.