I write because…cultural awareness has always played a major role in the shaping of my consciousness.  I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, the hotbed of the Civil Rights Movement. I have been blessed to witness firsthand many of the most dynamic positive changes to take place in the lives of people of color in our history. Yet I have also observed that many aspects of Black life in America are as moribund as they were at the time of the “Emancipation”.

I was raised in the infamous Bowen Homes Housing Projects. Yet I have a pedigree that some folks believe places me among the “Black Elite”. I was privileged to attend prestigious Morehouse College by earning an academic scholarship. I also worked hard to forge a career in the investment industry, working at various top “Wall Street” firms.

Despite my background and my achievements, I believe that in America, race is still the paramount factor that determines Black peoples life chances. I don’t think I take any liberty with the truth by making such a statement. Race affects our “pursuit of happiness” – irrespective of hard work, academic achievement or outstanding accomplishment.

I believe my mission as a writer is to serve as a beacon that lights the way to paths of empowerment, as well as a laser that cuts through the dark forces that work against the liberation of Black people. Hopefully, my words will help to elevate the conversation about Black life throughout the Diaspora. I also hope to entertain, energize and enlighten everyone who falls under the spell of my pen.

BIO: Vince Rogers is the author, editor and publisher of Wax Vainglorious: Volume(s) 1-3 http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B003R3WVT0

His literary works were among the Official Inaugural Selections of “I’ve Known Rivers” the Museum of the African Diaspora story project. His scholarly paper The Evolution of Shawntae Harris was presented at Vanderbilt University’s “Smoke, Lilies & Jade” Lecture Series. He was the TimBookTu Featured Writer for December of 2006

He has contributed to: Pfeiffer Annual: Consulting; Gumbo for the Soul: Men of Honor Anthology; The Atlanta Voice Newspaper; Museum of the African Diaspora; Clean Sheets Magazine; TimBookTu; On The Black Burner; Taj Mahal Review: Volumes 9 & 10 (India); Chicken Bones: A Journal; Thereby Hangs a Tale; Catalyst Magazine; Southern Screen Report; Pulp Magazine (Canada); Nghosi Books: Longing Lust and Love Anthology; 3 Lights Gallery (UK) Examiner.com; Ezine.com; Black Arts Quarterly (Stanford University); Amistad Journal (Howard University) “Smoke, Lilies & Jade” lecture series (Vanderbilt University)