I write because as a young child growing up in chaos, the written word was my solace.  When the craziness of home became too much to bear, I would lose myself in a book.

I write because that is how I found my way home.  From straight A student to high school dropout to USC Law, I have lived a varied life.  I write because others need to hear my tale.

I write because I needed to find forgiveness on the page so I could find it in life.  Writing the story of my childood has made me realize that there are no heroes or villians in my story, except myself and it is my story.

I write because others need to know that redemption and forgiveness is possible in this life.

I write because it keeps my demons at bay to put them on the page.  When I write, something explodes inside of me.  It is a fountain that doesn’t have an off switch.

I write because it makes me feel good.  There is nothing as satisfying as writing a good story.  It is better than sex (don’t tell my husband I said so).

Some may say I write because I like to tell tall tales or am narcissistic.  They are wrong.

Writing is my first love.  Writing is life.  Writing is me.

I am a writer and that is why I write.

BIO: Juanita Mantz grew up in a family that memoirs are made of an alcoholic father and bipolar mother and her two sisters.  After dropping out of high school at seventeen, she eventually went back to school and graduated magna cum laude from University of Calif. Riverside and went on to obtain her juris doctorate from University of Southern Calif. Law.  Juanita is an attorney with the public defender’s office in Riverside, California  and is at work on her childhood memoir My Inland Empire.  Her stories have been published in the Inlandia anthology and in California Lawyer magazine.  She writes a blog at http://wwwlifeofjemcom-jemmantz.blogspot.com/.